Industrial training

We conduct industrial training because we want to expose students with the real world picture of their study.

First of all, industrial training will help in application of education and career explorationInternships are a great way to apply the knowledge from the classroom to real-world experience.

Learning is one thing and application of what you have learned is another thing, you therefore need internship. This period will help in taking those skills into the workforce of a real word experience.

Every student needs this for the reason that you need to apply learned skills. It furthermore gives you a chance to explore different career paths and specializations that suit individual interests.

During our training sessions, firstly we equip our students with inter-personal skills. Students will by the end of the training period be good at inter-personal relation hence the best job materials.

We train in in the following areas.

Short course training

We run various courses for different target audiences because our goal is to have all classes of people equipped with computing skills in the section of ICT training in Mbarara- Uganda.
We design highly competitive curricula and courses that are very useful to students.

Package Sub-package Duration Fee
Microsof vt office Microsoft word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 1.5 weeks 50000
Excel 1.5 weeks 50000
Access 1 week 50000
Publisher 1 week 25000
Office PowerPoint 1 week 25000
Software installation and management OS installation 2 days 25000
Application installation 2 days 25000
Graphics design Photo editing 1 week 50000
Video and sound editing 2 weeks 100000
2D graphics design such as posters and flyers 1 week 50000
Programming Basic programming (Introduction to programming with C) 1 week 50000
Static website development 1 week 50000
Dynamic website development 1 week 100000
Standalone application development (Java) 3 weeks 150000
Web system development 3 weeks 150000
Mobile application development 3 weeks 150000
Database management 1 week 50000
Web hosting and maintenance Web hosting and maintenance 3 days 25000
Computing skills Introduction to computing 1 week 50000
Introduction to computer hardware 1 week 50000
Networking Basic networking installation and configurations 2 week 100000
Internet usage and mail management Internet usage and mail management 3 days 25000