Asset Management Software

In the first place, an asset management software is a fixed asset software for monitoring assets and tracking fixed assets for the entire life cycle.
Fixed assets management usually is an accounting process for tracking fixed assets for the purposes of cost variation, monitor, financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and lastly theft deterrence. Our fixed assets management software for fixed asset management is targeted for most organisations and institutions. These include schools , companies, NGO’s, County Government, Church, Governments and parastatals, Universities and colleges, and small  similary large organizations.

The main part of the Asset Management software most importanlty is to scan/discover all fixed assets in your network. Consquently when you discover all the fixed assets you can efficiently monitor and thus manage them.

Further more the software offers a wide range of asset scanning methods to ensure that you keep track of them all.

Asset Management Software Features

Assets management software
Assets management software
  • IT Asset Tracking (Hardware and Software Components)
  • Software License compliance audit.
  • Maintain Software usage compliance as per company policy.
  • Depreciation Calculation
  • Hardware and software asset Tracking
  • store and also track Vendor in addition to Warranty Information.
  • Advanced Report generation: IT managers can generate reports on multiple filtering criteria.
  • Implementation: For instance the applications can be implemented as Hosted Application (In Virtual / Dedicated / Cloud) OR at onsite. contact us.


  • First, ability to track all assets (software and hardware asset tracking facility).
  • Record of all assets.
  • Readily available history of all assets.
  • Better utilization of the available hardware and software resources.
  • Eliminate timely delays with automated transfers and comprehensive electronic audit trails.
  • Seamless integration in this case for maximum efficiency. Reduce the learning curve of changing systems by using your existing terminology for processes and also data elements.
  • Manage property from acquisition through disposal without sacrificing the security of your data.
  • Keep all data and process information in one place. Integrate key data and business processes into one system including the location of the asset, transfer process details, maintenance, calibration and repair tracking, automated approval routing, and more.
  • Helps in avoiding the need for the large initial capital outlay generally associated with software purchases.
  • Lastly, users can access the application over the web, eliminating extra internal need for costly hardware and time-consuming maintenance.

In the 21st century organisations need to keep track of assests, using a modern Asset Management Software especially with IOT.

famitech solutions offers avariety of other software systems for your organisation, including document management system.

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