As technology advances,developing countries like Uganda find it difficult to keep the pace.  FamITech Company is located in Mbarara-Western Uganda

The company was established in 2016 to bridge the technology gap.

FamITech Company  builds affordable,customizable and easy to use systems that utilize latest technologies like machine learning to solve day to day problems.

Uganda has poor internet in most areas, that are not near urban areas and because of that, FamITech Company saw a need to bring IT services to these areas for example people in areas near Game Parks.

The Company has technology experts like Software Developers, Engineers,Analysts, Teachers,Medical Doctors, Accountants,Marketers, and Tour Guides.

And because of these experts lives of people like refugees and children in hard to reach areas are changing.

Grab yourself CSMS

FamITech offers you a customizable student management software at an affordable price. Currently deployed in more than 12 secondary schools in Uganda including Western College, Nyarubanga SS Mbarara, Imperial high school,Oxford High school Ibanda, Ntungamo girls high school, Rwentobo high school (Ntungamo) and many others.

We also offer school systems for primary and nursery schools and so far we have managed to connect with Hope Preparatory Uganda (Kabale western Uganda) and St Mark Junior school in Kiboga.

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Hope Preparatory Nursery School

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