Industrial training

Every June and July, we provide ICT training in Mbarara- Uganda for computer students in Uganda. These students usually undergo intensive training for two months on various skills in computing.

Each of the 8 weeks during training is dedicated to a different topic of study. In the 1st week, students usually learn the basics of hardware including hardware identification and repair.

In the 2nd week, students are taken through basics of networking including creating Local area networks, wireless networks and network administration.

In the 3rd week, students go through web application development. They are usually given various systems to work on.

In the 4th week, students are given various business tasks to handle. This is the entrepreneurship week.

In the 5th week, students go to the details of hardware repair with emphasis on laptop repair.

In the 6th week, students again go through advanced techniques in networking including routing, switching and mobile phone networks.So during this week,they visit a telecommunication company to learn about mobile phone networks.

In the 7th week, students go through mobile apps development.They are guided on how to develop a mobile app. In the 8th week, students cover project planning and management

We run various courses for different target audiences because our goal is to have all classes of people equipped with computing skills in the section of ICT training in Mbarara- Uganda.
We design highly competitive curricula and courses that are very useful to students.

Package Sub-package Duration Fee
Microsoft office Microsoft word 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 1.5 weeks 50000
Excel 1.5 weeks 50000
Access 1 week 50000
Publisher 1 week 25000
Office PowerPoint 1 week 25000
Software installation and management OS installation 2 days 25000
Application installation 2 days 25000
Graphics design Photo editing 1 week 50000
Video and sound editing 2 weeks 100000
2D graphics design such as posters and flyers 1 week 50000
Programming Basic programming (Introduction to programming with C) 1 week 50000
Static website development 1 week 50000
Dynamic website development 1 week 100000
Standalone application development (Java) 3 weeks 150000
Web system development 3 weeks 150000
Mobile application development 3 weeks 150000
Database management 1 week 50000
Web hosting and maintenance Web hosting and maintenance 3 days 25000
Computing skills Introduction to computing 1 week 50000
Introduction to computer hardware 1 week 50000
Basic electrical installation Introduction to electrical installation 2 weeks 100000
Distribution and circuit designing 3 weeks 150000
Networking Basic networking installation and configurations 2 week 100000
Internet usage and mail management Internet usage and mail management 3 days 25000