Petro station(s) management is a complex business at the best of times with multiple issues that rise especially in accounting.

Now through an in demanding accurate, effective, the fast adoption of ever-changing, new technology and the drive towards accountability and increased efficiency.

Can you feel delays, irregularities or lack of accuracy in your current system?

Here at FamITech, we’ve spent the last decade making sure that doesn’t happen. CHECK THE DEMO

Working with petro stations, all around Africa, we strive to make petro station management easy and maximize the benefits that it can offer.

Why use Mafuta?

mafuta dashboard

The software is accessible for all users 24 hours per day and you only need a pc/smart phone/tablet with an internet connection and browser.

A maintenance manager/bussiness owner can see data from different stations on demand at any given point in time.

A backup is made every 3 hours, this backup is stored in a secure location, this is much safer than the traditional situation where data is only available on one PC.

Updates and upgrades are automatically available to all users without installation.

Mafuta is not a vender dependant, meaning customers can use a state of the art software and not have to buy specific item(lubricants/lpg/fuel)

Our focus is developing secure,accurate and customizable software systems, thus mafuta is very secure.

mafuta is very secure

Mafuta has quite a growing number of features including the following.

Just important to note is that in case you need any other feature, our team is dedicated to adding it as soon as possible.

Station management

Capture all operations on the station, in addition to printing hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports,

LPG management

Automating the process of receiving, storing, and selling lpg.  On a single click reports between a given date

Lubricant management

Manage lubricants on the station, including what is received, what is in stock and what is sold

Inventory management

Automating inventory checks through a single view and highlighting the age and state of equipment so it can be replaced, refreshed or removed no sooner, or later, than is necessary.

Staff management

Manage staff, reports on their performance, there shortages and excess

Debtor’s management

Mafuta soficates the entire process of managing debtors. Right from debtors entry, editing, viewing, and communication(via sms) is all possible in this software

Customer management

Manage customers, generate customer lists , manage debtors and send SMS remainders to debtors. Customer individual reports

Below is a summary of a sample of what the system captures and out puts. Visist this DEMO LINK to test the system

System Pricing

The software can be installed in various ways, including single computer, Networked computers on LAN, and hosting it on our servers. Contact us such that our team can advise on which method is suitable for your organisation.

Major costs are listed below

  • License for $1000 ( one time fee gives you ownership)
  • 01 administrative mafuta dashboard for $200
    Added to the above, you equally have:
  • Updates and technical support offered to you free of charge for 12 months;
  • Installation of mafuta and training are completely free.
  • A free trial period of seven to fourteen days, effective payment follows within 30 days.

Remarks: Updates and technical support are optional from the 13th month,i.e in case you wish to have an update or technical assistance from the 13th month, you will pay 30% of the initial purchase price for any year in which you need our support.mafuta pricing


You can contact us for any kind of support via email, and the office lines.

Our Team will respond to your issue As soon as possible.

If you need our help in configuring your computer please use teamviewer, it is free and allows us to view your settings and assist you. We can directly help you configure the system even in our physical absence.