FamITech Company Team

FamITech Company Limited was founded in August, 2017 by a team of young focused and hardworking individuals. The team is composed of young entrepreneurs who are determined and work with zeal. For the reason that they always aim at achievements,they are result oriented.

The team focuses on customer satisfaction and providing quality work observing integrity.

FamITech Company limited has  technology experts experts like Software-developers  , Engineers,Analysts,Teachers,Medical doctors,Marketeers,Accountants and Tour Guides. This cross-disciplinary team works hand in hand to produce the best services.

We build computer systems, find solutions and provide services to businesses and individuals.

FamITech Company Team also builds affordable, easy to use systems suitable for the Africa situation; poor or no internet, very few resources and scarce technical expertise to operate the systems. More so, we are very reliable and can give technical support to our clients when ever they need help.

We are the most preferred IT firm registered in Uganda with Company TIN: 1015246306 and have served very many clients with different IT needs. Our clients are across the whole country because we purpose to give support to every Ugandan.  Contact us for any IT solutions.

The most innovative IT Company in Africa by 2027

To empower the community with suitable, affordable and sustainable technology solutions that simplify and satisfy their needs.

To become a center for IT solutions world wide.

To utilize knowledge and skills to generate affordable and sustainable business that will impact people.