FamITech offers a full cycle of application development, from defining and working in close collaboration with the customer on the specification to development, testing and writing documentation, including user’s manuals and help guides. We develop applications for a wide range of business needs, including Cloud Computing and Cloud Services as well as a complete range of mobile applications.

We have been at this job for so long. We are the makers of the hospital management system for Uganda and the Customizable School Management System which is being used by a big number of schools in Western Uganda Ankole and Kigezi  regions .We have made various applications for businesses in Uganda. we are the best developers of secondary and primary management systems. We also develop perfect sponsorship management system

Our development services include among others:

  • Application structure design, database design and user interface design.
  • Multi-tier distributed applications
  • Application coding for the selected target platform
  • Re-platforming existing applications onto new technical environments.
  • Porting legacy applications from old or non-standard technologies into the latest software environments can minimize support costs and provide a leverage-able environment for adding value-added system capabilities.
  • Cloud computing and Cloud services based information systems.
  • Development of mobile solutions for existing Internet based Information Systems. iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry support of your existing services on the mobile platform as native applications. Also cross-platform solutions are available for mobile versions of web-based products.

FamiTech company limited has a full service department that provides strategic mobile design and development services to our clients. We are product specialists who build awesome native apps for mobile platforms in Uganda. We build for all major platforms: IOS,Windows,android and others.
The FamITech work is particulary driven at African products where challenges to mobile and internet penetration are still major.We make apps that work even in the African setting.
Entrepreneurs and startups in the region approach us from time to time to grow and be surrounded by like minded people who are building awesome technology products.
We build productivity apps the most.

Our pricing for mobile apps is perhaps the most affordable that you will find on the market.. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.
Our Mobile App Developers have the programming knowledge to bring these designs to life. Our Mobile apps aren’t just functional; they’re also responsive, so you know they’ll work beautifully on just about any screen across all of the Mobile devices.
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A website is your opportunity to inform the world who you are, what you do best, establish a great reputation and  to sell your products or services. A web design service that achieves all of that can be hard to find. Website design takes creative flair and an eye for detail, a hard-working approach and a listening ear. We have over 2 years of experience in working with clients, large and small, and we know that our websites achieve the best results.

Professional web design is what turns good ideas into great looking websites. Business web design is not simply about color schemes and images; it’s about getting under the skin of what really drives your business and helping you grow faster than ever. Famitech avails you with a profession design of your website and web system.

At FamITech, we build dynamic websites only because we know your website needs to be updated with information all the time.

Dynamic websites:We give you the power to add new content to your website any time you want with minimal assistance. Adding new content is simple with our content management systems. We’ve got vast expertise on Joomla, wordpress , drupal and bootstrap, which are great Content Management Systems.

Ecommerce websites: When it comes to an ecommerce website, it’s results that matter. We’ve helped hundreds of clients boost sales so we know how to make website shopping work for your business. Even in Uganda where you are worried of the form of payment, we know how to make mobile payments work for you on your site. Call us today to set the wheels in motion, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Ecommerce design has to be flexible and it has to be able to grow alongside your business. All of our solutions are fully scalable and our professional web design means that you can promise your customers a seamless shopping experience that’s hassle free.