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FamITech offers a variety of software solutions for  different fields. We have developed systems in the education,health and business  sectors.Our systems make your business easy to manage with a close employee and customer collaboration.

We define user requirements, develop, test and document systems, working in close collaboration with the customer.This makes our systems more user friendly.

Our systems are  online/cloud based and can be accessed offline as well.

FamITech has excellently  developed a good number of software including  the Customizable School Management System which is being used by a big number of schools in the entire Country.We have also developed the sponsorship management system  and other systems for different sectors like hospital, fuel station , hotel, booking, and information management.

software company

FamITech software company limited has a full service department that provides strategic mobile design and development services to our clients.

We are product specialists who build awesome native apps for mobile platforms in Uganda. We build for all major platforms: IOS, Windows,android and others.
The FamITech software company limited’s work is particularly driven at African products where challenges to mobile and internet penetration are still major.

We make apps that suite in the African setting in most cases providing support for SSID based services.
Our pricing for mobile apps is perhaps the most affordable that you will find on the market..

FamITech’s Mobile App Developers have the programming knowledge to bring these designs to life and because of this  beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use are the outputs.

Our Mobile apps aren’t just functional; but also responsive,thus work beautifully on just about any screen across all of the Mobile devices.

Contact us today to get one.

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A website is very essential for your business because it lets the public know what you do.

This why  we take web designing very essential at FamITech. This suits the fast growing technology  where people don”t have to struggle locating your business and/or lose out making business just because they can’t find you.

FamITech Solutions has very experienced web masters that will help you develop a web site where business will be done without having to get customers to your locale.

When we design a web site, we don’t just design but also make sure your web site is viewed and let you feel the value of your web site.

At FamITech, we build dynamic websites which lets you update your content .

Dynamic websites:

Web sites designed by FamITech  are dynamic which gives you the ability to manage your web site with ease.

You can add content to your site without involving the developers.

Ecommerce websites:

E-commerce is just the process of buying and selling produce by electronic means such as  mobile applications and the Internet.

We design web sites that will not only market your business but also handle your business online.

You will  meet your customers and make business without necessarily having to meet them in physical.