Covid-19 pandemic has become a major  global health challenge. Imagine the heightened socioeconomic suffering it has inflicted  on  families in low-and poor-resourced communities surviving on less than one US dollar ($1) a day! In fact, efforts by the government of Uganda and the ministry of Education to have children and students studying online, via virtual platforms became unsuccessful. Barriers to these efforts included; lack of sufficient knowledge and skills of online learning and teaching, poverty and inability/difficulty accessing computers, internet by many students, children, parents, teachers and schools.  

In Uganda, the government has recently eased the lockdown. We are now seeing  schools and tertiary institutions reopening and children  reporting back for studies from a long spell, unprecedented break of more than a year. However, majority of the students are still unable  to report back for school due to financial constraints in many families. While sadly, many young girls have had to be married off.   furthermore, most schools, especially those in rural areas, have failed to resume. Even for those that reopened, many are still  failing to fully resume all their activities as were in the pre-Covid-19 period. They have had to  adopt the “activity prioritization” and decided to lay off some staff to cut on expenditure and be able to operate with limited resources. In a rapid visit to a few of the rural schools that have so far reopened, we found majority have failed to maintain their computer labs. 

At family innovation technologies (FamITech) solutions, we choose to empower children, parents, and guardians with computer and Information Technology (IT) education, skills and resources, create employment opportunities to enable them   have  productive livelihoods within their communities.

FamITech solutions offers effective, efficient and cost-effective computer and IT solutions including; education and training in computer use, applications, software, and also support to schools and institutions in maintaining computer labs and  installing  low cost software systems that simply activity flow  like managing student academic records.

Thus, it’s for this reason that we seek your support in reaching out to help these students and schools. We seek to a virtual learning platform that will aid students in learning virtually and obtain training. In this digitalized age, knowledge and skills in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) have increasingly become much more needed than ever before. We deserve a world where every child flourishes.


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