Today’s personal computers are far more powerful than the super computers of long time ago. You have a higher computing power in the form of new Intel core i3, i5 and i7.

Before buying a computer, you need to consider what you need to do with the computer;

What you do on the computer.

  • Gaming: Are you a gamer who primarily want to use your computer to play games?
  • Development: You could be a developer who will use your computer to develop systems.
  • Web design, Graphics design, music/video editing. If you are a designer, you may need to design web sites, design graphics and/or do video and audio editing.
  • Email, web, work processing and media. And then you might be this person who needs a computer to do common work like browsing the web, simple work processing and media for leisure.

It is all to whether you a professional who wants to do that work that will probably need heavy working environments or you need a computer for simple day today work, just.

What determines the speed.

  • Central processing unit (CPU)/Processor

Processor is no longer a bottleneck, having a fast processor will not guarantee having a fast computer. Processors are rarely used in today’s computers.

  • Network card and Internet service provider.

It is vital to consider which Service provider to deal with for internet. You do not need to buy a new computer to solve internet speed problems. The speed of your internet will be dependent on the service provider you are using, the type of cable you are using and then the internet card.

  • RAM

RAM is the best way, the cheap way to speed up your computer, every computer comes with Computer RAM with a certain speed “clock speed” which can be upgraded/ increased for a faster performance. A large RAM will enable a computer to process more tasks at once and keep the system running faster.

  • Hard drive.

The computer hard drive helps in accessing your data, opening running applications and running the operating system. A bigger hard disk is therefore needed to run more applications, higher operating systems and store large volumes of data.

You do not need to buy an i core 7 if all you do is browse the web, play music and do work processing; a duo core will do it right for you, Whereas if you are a professional who needs to do video rendering, designs with photoshop, Android development and other sorts of heavy work then you will need a quad core

When you are buying a computer;

Define your computer use

Consider the RAM and upgrade if necessary

Consider a solid state (SSD) drive

Choose an appropriate machine.

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