Idea generation is possibly the most interesting task for any individual to make an outstanding impact on the world today. To generate a perfect idea you need a combination of multiple factors including environment among other factors.


People choose to generate ideas in different ways including bathing, exercising, walking, starring at certain creatures. Creatures like lions, gorillas, leopard, elephants travel or even go to communities where people are living in the hardest conditions.

To generate an idea you can decide to move out of your comfort zone and find challenges that I usually refer to as interesting challenges.

In an ideal situation, you can decide to travel for example to the wilderness. You may also choose  just to visit a certain community in which you either choose to stay at an accommodation center. This can for example be Broadbill forest camp Ruhija. It is  in the midst of the forest where you interface with surrounding communities and  return to your tent.

Idea generation can be so quick when you meet people and here their success stories or their challenges. You can find out the right environment for you to think, an example can be people who do idea generation when they are .


Staying in the jungle/park for a few hours gives your mind a piece of mind. You can think as it is done by most successful entrepreneurs like Richard B and Oprah W and many others.


You can stay at a camp/lodge like Broad bill forest Camp in Ruhija Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. The camp  derives it’s name from the African Green Broad bill, found in Bwindi Forest Ruhija.

Broad bill forest Camp is a budget accommodation for all sorts of guests/tourists for people tracking or people seeking to an un interrupted thinking in Ruhija found in the northern part of Bwindi that is 1km from the tracking point.

Idea generation becomes critical when you are surrounded with the most interesting people. This could be your  tour guide, the staff at the lodge/camp.


In conclusion, you can choose to spend some time off work to give yourself a piece of mind and relieve your self from stress. This can be done by interacting with different communities or nature

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