Famitech is very glad you have chosen to visit our site. We believe you would like to have ICT services but you are having some uncertainty/doubts/concerns considering the ongoing situation (COVID-19) and you need some information to aid your business decision. Therefore we are happy to update you as below;

the current situation (Covid-19) in Uganda

a). What is the current situation (Covid-19) in Uganda like?

Uganda has managed the situation well in our own view. The country is fighting to reduce cases and return to normal (read our various articles on the situation). Basically, since the second lockdown nearly coming to an end waiting to hear from the president on the next measures.
The government set out Standard Operating Procedures (S O P’s ) and has continuously urged the population to adhere. These include wearing a facemask, sanitizing hands with an alcohol-based rub or soap, keeping social distance, avoiding large gatherings.

In terms of Covid-19 cases, the country registered more positive cases and of those, the majority have recovered. With a reasonable number of deaths registered (Source: Ministry of Health site). In the press most facilities are reporting a reducing number of cases or even absence of patients as the number of new cases is significantly dropping.

current situation (Covid-19) in Uganda

b). Protecting the population?

The country received the first batch of COVID vaccines at the start of March 2021 and vaccination is ongoing since March 10, 2021. The vaccination running in a phased manner. At the launch, the Health Minister took their first shot in an effort to give confidence to the public. She further outlined the schedule which put health workers (both in public and private facilities) to be first recipients.

The immediate group was Security personnel of all categories. As the process continues, the next in line would be Teachers and also staff in all educational institutions. These are either public or private not-for-profit, as well as private for-profit and then there will be the essential service workers who interact with many people by the nature of their work. Thereafter all persons aged 50 years and above in the country will the vaccinated. As the population continues receiving the jabs, we can confidently say that the country is getting safer every time that passes.
According to the ministry website, up to today, over 1 million people have been vaccinated.

c). As an organization, what do I need to know to keep working?

Get your staff working online

1. Think ‘people first.’

For all organizations, the safety of employees, customers, and other stakeholders must be an immediate priority. The physical and mental well-being of human capital should come first. Especially when exposed to a crisis of this nature.

Importantly an effective workforce is critical to activating an appropriate response both immediately and over the short to medium term.
You need to keep this workforce safe. Let people continue to innovate as they are not physically at the workplace. You can contact us for details on how to do that.

Checklist for People first principal.

  • Prioritize the safety and well-being of employees
  • Maintain an appropriate communication plan for employees, explaining how the organization is responding to the crisis and sharing key information.
  • Ensure policies in key areas are available, such as those on pay and sick leave, remote working, health and safety, remuneration and employment practices in response to the crisis and make sure all line managers are aware of these.
  • key company activities must continue. everyone must understands your organisation’s critical role.
  • Consider the need to redeploy the workforce into different business-critical areas.
  • Identify, monitor and mitigate key people risks arising as a consequence of the crisis.

d). Can my business continue running, even in such times?

Recognize the needs of your customers and other stakeholders.

Keeping a check on the immediate and changing requirements of customers and other stakeholders is essential. You can do this using methods of getting to clients, like using traditional SMS, utilizing the internet, among others. Continuous communication is crucial, both in order to understand evolving needs better and to respond accordingly.

In particular, it will take time to rebuild consumer confidence. Good communication is also critical to understanding the impact of the situation on supply chains, stakeholders, and other partners.
Note that global supply chains and logistics operations have been challenged significantly challenged by this crisis.

Let’s fight Covid-19 together.

e). is there anything else my organization can do is such times? As current situation (Covid-19) in Uganda stablizes.


Don’t forget: fundamental business risks remain.

It’s important not to lose sight of the fundamentals. Even in the face of COVID-19, the organization will still face existing risks (e.g. cybersecurity) but also remember that different ways of working and strategic reactions could change these risks or introduce new ones.

Checklist for risk management

  • Assess the relevance of your current risk-management strategy.
  • Evaluate whether the profile of risks has changed.
  • Evaluate lessons learned from the crisis to inform the future risk-management approach.
  • Identify new risks introduced in response to the crisis.
  • Identify appropriate mitigation strategies for new risks.
  • Be clear on channels of communication for reporting emerging risks.
  • Evaluate current governance structures to ensure they are appropriate.

In Conclusion,

For businesses ready to keep alive, the current situation (Covid-19) in Uganda is essential for you. Get in touch with ICT platforms like jumia.ug or liveduuka.com . Also utilize ICT expertise like famitechsolutions.com Team, or any other out there for advice on how to reach customers using for example email, social media or zoom, and also google duo.
We have to come out of this together stronger.

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