Lenovo thinkpad laptop

  1. Exceptional Keyboards.

The keys of a Lenovo think pad have an extremely-deep 2 mm of travel (60 to 65 mm is typical) and require a strong 70 grams of force to actuate. Gently curved key caps make it easy to feel your way around the letters without looking down or accidentally hitting adjacent characters.

  1. Battery life.

It has an optional, 6-cell extended battery on board, the ThinkPad T470 has an extended battery life. If you are doing more intense work that drains your battery faster, you can also carry a spare battery with you. The Think pad T470 supports Lenovo’s Power Bridge technology, which features both a 3-cell internal battery and a 3 or 6-cell external unit. In addition, you can swap, without even having to turn off the computer.

  1. Tenacious Innovation

The ThinkPad T470 has every port you could possibly need, including Thunderbolt 3. Lenovo’s laptop can use its Thunderbolt 3 port to charge (using a Type-C connection). You can connect to an entire universe of docking stations, transfer files to high-speed peripherals. More so, you can output to multiple 4K monitors at the same time. The Thunderbolt 3 port is also fast enough to connect to external GPUs like the Razer Core.  The T470 machine will therefore allow you to even play games on it.

In addition, the ThinkPad T470 has three USB 3.0 connections, HDMI-out, a full-size Ethernet port. It covers all the bases including a 3.5mm audio jack and an SD card reader. It can stand extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations.

  1. Pointing stick

Lenovo Think Pad also offer a pointing stick in addition to a touchpad. With the little red TrackPoint nub between the G and H keys, you can navigate around the desktop. You can highlight text or make hairline precise crops in Photoshop without ever lifting your hands off of the home row. Using the stick makes you faster and more accurate than a traditional touchpad.

  1. High functionality.

When you’re on a Skype call with an international client or partner, the last thing you want is for your laptop to become overwhelmed by your demands and suddenly crash. Lenovo laptops use high-performing Intel Processors to make sure that you’re not going to find yourself without a laptop halfway through your day. Whether you’re hosting international business calls or just writing up detailed reports, the processing power of a Lenovo should be more than enough to meet your needs.

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