Muganzi Anton

Muganzi Anton

Research Consultant

Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Well experienced in Security systems like Car Tracking devices, CCTV Cameras and research software’s like

  1. Redcap: This means putting your questioner on a mobile phone and collect data without printing extra papers, this is cost effective.
  2. Stata: This is for data analysis just to make meaning of data collected using Redcap
  3. Car tracking devices: This device is installed in a car of motorcycle, you can use a mobile phone to track it wherever it is in the whole world, You can switch off the car or stop it using the same phone in case of disappearance
  4. CCTVs: These are installed in your businesses, homes and can as well be put on your mobile phone to view real events as they happen.


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