1. pastebin.com lets you share snippets of code online, without worrying about HTML code tagging along.
  2. draw.io is a free online tool for making wireframes, diagrams, site maps, and more. It’s a handy little gem for web designers.
  3. gtmetrix.com is a free tool that analyzes the speed of any web page, and outputs a breakdown of why the web page is so slow.
  4. downforeveryoneorjustme.com let’s you see if a website is down for just you, everyone else too.
  5. whenshouldwe.com lets you and your team easily decide on a meeting time.
  6. unsplash.com is probably the best resource online for totally free stock photos.
  7. checkli.com lets you make a free checklist for anything, and you can share a read-only or editable version with anyone to help you complete the tasks.
  8. pixlr.com/editor is the closest thing to a free Photoshop online.
  9. soovle.com is the fastest keyword research tool on earth. Start typing, and keywords will appear.
  10. bounceapp.com takes screenshots of any website. You can download the screenshot, or make notes on the screenshot and share with co-workers or clients.
  11. pdfescape.com lets you edit PDF files online, for free.
  12. wetransfer.com lets you send large files to clients or co-workers, up to 2gb, for free!
  13. oldversion.com lets you find older versions of any web design or development software.
  14. maildrop.cc lets you quickly create fake emails to sign up for not so useful websites. A great way to avoid future spam.
  15. brandcolors.net lets you easily find color hex codes for any major brand you can think of.
  16. iconmonstr.com is full of totally free icons for commercial or personal use.
  17. endlessicons.com is another website full of endless free icons for commercial or personal use.
  18. optimizemysite.com lets you see how SEO-friendly and Google-optimized a specific web page is for a keyword.
  19. imgbb.com lets you upload images for free to share with co-workers or clients.
  20. copypastecharacter.com will let you copy and paste annoying keyboard characters.
  21. smallpdf.com lets you do ANYTHING you need with your PDF. You can convert, compress, edit, rotate, and even unlock your pdf.

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